2,964 New Cases and 60 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours

Pakistan saw another deadly day as 2,964 new Coronavirus cases were reported in the country while 60 patients died of infection over the past 24 hours.

Of new cases, 1,184 cases were reported in Punjab, which had curiously scaled down its testing efforts and reverted to pre-Eid days. Sindh, however, is still 25% short on testing when compared to Pre-Eid week and it reported 885 new cases.

KP tested record 2,216 suspected patients yesterday and 487 tests came back positive. Islamabad registered another 171 new cases in a single day.

Deaths in the country declined to 60 from 88 a day earlier, as Punjab reported 22 while Sindh said 16 patients died in 24 hours.

KP reported 20 deaths. Islamabad and Balochistan reported one death each.

A NCOC meeting held on Saturday said that Pakistan is likely to see a peak on June 15th, and it’s likely that cases and deaths will plateau after June 15.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed CasesIn 24 HoursTests in 24 HoursDeathsLast 24 Hours