40,807 New Cases, 662 Deaths Reported in Seven Days

Pakistan reported 5,248 new cases yesterday, lowest in six days, with almost the same number of tests that were done over the past several days.

Of new cases, 2,287 were reported from Sindh where 1,891 cases (or 83% of total reported cases) were from Karachi only.

Punjab added 1,537 new cases in 24 hours, while KP, Islamabad, and Balochistan added 563, 635 and 149 cases respectively.

Islamabad has become the new hotspot as it reported more cases than the entirety of KP and Balochistan. When coupled with Rawalpindi, almost 15% of the national cases are being reported from the twin cities only.

Pakistan reported 97 deaths yesterday and Punjab reported record 62 deaths in a single day.

Sindh and KP reported 15 and 14 deaths respectively.

Weekly Situation Report

Last week Pakistan added 40,807 new cases, up from 27,273 cases that were reported a week earlier. 662 new deaths were also reported during the week, up from 446 deaths that were reported a week earlier.

Pakistan’s week over week growth in new cases reached almost 50%, that’s higher than 45% that was recorded last week, indicating that new cases are growing faster than before.

However, the percentage change in growth rate has flattened; indicating that we can probably expect similar growth in new cases during next week.

More in below graph:

Above graph clearly shows that growth rate in new cases had been decreasing and had gone down to around 10% when we opened up our markets before Eid and things started to pick-up again.

Growth in new cases, when decreases and touches zero — indicates that peak is reached and that’s when (if everything goes well) the growth rate goes into negative and new cases start decreasing.

However, for now the growth in new cases (week over week) is only increasing around 50% in positive.

Here is some more data on testing per thousand, deaths per million and other indicators for all the regions:

Total CasesDeathsDeath RateDeaths Per MillionTotal TestsTests Per 1,000

Our deaths per million rate has reached 13.08 persons per million population, which is almost double than that of India, but there are nations where death rate is over 500 per million population.

Check below graph for a regional comparison:

Also to note, our testing capacity — while lower than many developed countries — is at par with regional markets. Check below graph for more details on this: