4,443 New Cases and 111 Deaths Reported for Monday (i.e. yesterday)

Pakistan’s daily rise in new coronavirus cases decreased significantly to 4,443 — lowest in 11 days and a 34% decrease from just two days ago — when the country reported highest single-day increase of 6,825 cases in a single day.

We don’t know the reason behind this sudden decrease in new cases, but possible reasons could be delays in reporting, less testing, the disease actually getting controlled, or in the worst-case, deliberate under-reporting.

We just hope that smart lockdowns — that are happening across the country — have worked and the low numbers are a result of that rather than a fluke.

Of new cases, almost all regions reported lower numbers, with Punjab reporting 1,740 new cases in a single day. 816 cases were reported from Lahore only and Rawalpindi reported 218 new cases in a single day.

Sindh reported 1,776 new cases (lowest in five days) and 1,391 cases were registered from Karachi only.

Similarly, KP reported 459 new cases (lowest in 13 days), Islamabad 288 (lowest in 4 days), and Balochistan reported 150 new cases (lowest in 14 days).

While notable reductions in new cases was registered, Pakistan recorded the highest single-day deaths yesterday as 111 patients died of coronavirus related complications in 24 hours.

Punjab recorded 50 deaths while KP and Sindh reported 32 and 22 deaths in a single day. Five patients died in Islamabad in 24 hours.

2,669 patients recovered from the disease in 24 hours and recoveries reached 56,390 or 37.9% of the total cases reported in the country.

Here’s more in below table and graphs:

Confirmed CasesIn 24 HoursTests in 24 HoursDeathsLast 24 Hours