Coronavirus Picking up Fast with Around 1,000 New Cases in a Day

Coronavirus, as it was feared and communicated by Prime Minister of Pakistan, has picked up its pace as daily new cases have reached around a grim milestone of 1,000. New deaths, however, still remained (comparatively) low and around 15.

Sindh reported 358 new coronavirus patients, while Punjab recorded 279 positive cases in a day, followed by KP that reported 178 new cases. Balochistan also remained consistent with 78 new additions in last 24 hours. GB added six new cases while AJK reported no new coronavirus positive case in past 24 hours.

Total deaths  reached 385 — as KP added 15 new deaths to the provincial tally. These cases include suspected but previously unconfirmed COVID-19 related deaths or had been reported and managed at district level.

In addition to 15 such newly added cases, KP reported 9 deaths while Sindh reported 12 deaths and Punjab recorded 3 Coronavirus related deaths in the province during past 24 hours.

3,706 patients were hospitalized, up from 3,560 a day ago. Of these hospitalizations — 97 patients were in critical condition, while another 45 were on ventilator.