Fact Check by world Health Organization: COVID-19 is NOT Airborne

The truth is; we weren’t prepared for the rampant coronavirus wreaking havoc worldwide. Not in our wildest dream did we all consider living in a lock down. Our only fight against the COVID-19 is to ensue preventative measures, which include washing your hands with a disinfectant soap, avoid touching your face, practice good hygiene, seeking immediate medical care. If you show any symptoms and most importantly maintain social distancing. However, there are various myths regarding the COVID-19 floating around. But doctors and health organizations are refuting those myths and providing concrete fact checks in order to keep us updated.

Recently it has come to light, COVID-19 causing virus isn’t airborne. If an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks and ensues driblets drops in the process, then the transmission of COVID-19 via this is none whatsoever. World Health Organization has issued a statement stating the fact that the virus riddled droplets produced by an infected person are too heavy to hang in the air. So, the myth about the virus being airborne for eight hours isn’t true. However, the droplets will quickly fall onto surfaces or floors therefore, cleanliness is the key.

Also, the infection can be transmitted if you are within one meter distance from an infected person. Which is why it is extremely important that you call for immediate medical assistance in cases like these and self quarantine until help arrives.

Stay safe!