Hepatitis B & C, in Pakistan

1 out of 10 people in Pakistan is either Hepatitis B or C positive, according to the World Health Organization. 400,000 people die, every year, from Hepatitis C, alone. Hepatitis C causes liver cancer, but if detected early .. there is a treatment for it.

According to the U.N., Pakistan has 12 million cases of Hepatitis B/C. With such a high rate of Hepatitis occurrence, both the UN and WHO recommend you have yourself and your family screened for Hepatitis B/C.

We recommend you consider getting yourself, your family and even your servants tested. While Hepatitis C spreads only through blood and bodily fluids, Hepatitis B is highly contagious. There is a simple vaccination available for Hepatitis B, treatments are slightly more difficult with life-long liver damage and the potential for Liver Cancer. Hepatitis C does not have a vaccine, but has several treatment options deemed to be very successful.