More Than 61 Coronavirus Patients Recover in Pakistan, Deaths Reach 23

  • Pakistan coronavirus death toll has risen to 23
  • Confirmed cases in Pakistan have crossed 1,800
  • Recoveries are also on the rise with 61 recorded so far
  • Sindh education minister Saeed Ghani also announced recovery
  • PM Imran Khan says lockdowns don’t work for the poor
  • Prime Minister’s Coronavirus Relief Fund to open on Wednesday

While the country sees a swift surge in coronavirus cases and deaths, recoveries are also taking place with Pakistan’s total number of patients testing negative reaching 61 on Tuesday. As many as 23 zaireen in Sukkur and 17 patients in Balochistan, among others, were tested negative after isolation and treatment.

Sindh education minister Saeed Ghani, who had tested positive for the virus over a week ago but was asymptomatic, also announced that he was now free of the virus. Britain’s Prince Charles also got out of a self-isolation he entered a week ago after testing positive for coronavirus, the palace announced Monday.

But, the virus’s devastation continued in Pakistan and the world over. Covid-19 claimed many more lives on Monday taking the national toll to 23. New cases also kept flooding in which made the country’s confirmed cases surge past 1,800.  PM Imran Khan, in his address to the nation, sounded persistently against large-scale lockdowns saying they don’t work for the poor.

The global coronavirus terror continues to strengthen. A top US infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told reporters on Sunday that it’s ‘entirely conceivable’ that more than 1 million people in the US could contract coronavirus. Monday marked a grim new milestone for the country where its death toll rose by a deadly 540-plus crossing 3,000.

President Trump on Monday said that keeping US Covid-19 deaths to 100,000 would be a ‘very good job’ as he extended social distancing rules to 30 April. In Europe too, the coronavirus dread showed no signs of abating with both Italy and Spain registering over 800 single-day deaths each on Monday too as the situation worsened in Germany, France, and the UK among other European nations.