Pakistan Reports 1st Case of Coronavirus Reinfection

A case of reinfection of Coronavirus has emerged in Pakistan, General Secretary of Young Doctors Association (YDA), Salman Kazmi, has confirmed.

The reinfected patient is exhibiting more severe symptoms now in comparison to the symptoms at the time of the first diagnosis, suggesting the existence of more than one strain of SARS-COV-2, the Coronavirus which causes COVID-19 disease.

In a Facebook post, Kazmi penned:

Just seen a case of reinfection from COVID-19 with more severe symptoms. This shows we have more than one strain around as we don’t have the capacity to test strains. So please be careful and always take precautions. This is the first case I have seen with proper symptoms of reinfection.

The reinfected patient, who is a doctor at Mayo Hospital Lahore, had initially contracted the disease 3 months ago while tending to Coronavirus patients. The doctor made a complete recovery and was discharged from the isolation center after testing negative.

However, the doctor recently developed more severe symptoms of Coronavirus once again and tested positive for the disease.

Kazmi has urged the public to exercise caution as the antibodies produced against the Coronavirus through the plasma therapy does not offer long term protection. These antibodies can only protect recovered patients for three months only after which there are high chances of reinfection.