1,083 New Cases, 22 Deaths, 773 Recoveries Reported in 24 Hours

Pakistan saw 1,083 new coronavirus positive cases in last 24 hours, to take the total number of positive patients to cross 20,000 mark. Pakistan also saw biggest jump in recovered patients yesterday as 773 patients were recovered and discharged from the various hospitals across Pakistan.

With such huge number of recoveries, the number of hospitalizations in the country decreased for the first time since April 16, as number of hospitalized patients reached 3,839 — down from 4,084 a day ago.

Of those in hospital, 138 are in critical condition, while another 35 coronavirus positive patients are on ventilator due to complications.

Yesterday a total of 22 patients lost their lives due to the virus, with 8 fatalities in KP and Sindh, 4 in Punjab and another 2 in Balochistan.

Record Tests in a Single Day

Pakistan tested a record number of 9,522 sample for cornavirus yesterday — which is highest since to emergence of pendamic in the country around late February.

Punjab conducted 4,232 tests in a single day, its best yet capacity, while KP also ran its highest single day tests of 1,338.

It must be noted that higher number of cases could also be attributed to higher number of tests that are being done in recent days. Check below a correlation between daily number of tests and daily number of positive cases in the country:

Yesterday another health care professional died, as the total number of fatalities among the health care workers topped 10. A total of 509 health care workers are so far tested positive for coronavirus in the country.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed CasesIn 24 HoursTests in 24 HoursDeathsLast 24 Hours