3,138 New Cases, 74 Deaths Reported over the past 24 Hours

Pakistan yesterday reported 3,138 new coronavirus cases yesterday, up from 2,775 cases that it reported a day earlier but well short of last seven day average of 4,383 cases.

Pakistan’s testing per day stood at 21,033, some 33% short of its peak for number of daily tests that were done just past week. Government says that all suspected cases (contacts of any positive case or those with symptoms) are being tested and that there’s no apparent problem of testing capacity in the country.

This essentially means that lesser number of people are showing up at testing facilities, and while there’s no data to back this but it appears that a lot of people aren’t getting tested unless they get severe. Remaining, with mild symptoms get themselves isolated at home and start treatment without testing.

Local doctors — from smaller private clinics — have reportedly started to advise patients to get isolated (without tests) with some basic medication and care.

Those who get severe reach the hospitals.

But there’s one problem with above theory and it is that number of critical patients in ICUs (across Pakistan) is decreasing as 2,729 coronavirus patients were in critical condition as of yesterday, down from some 4,000 ICU admissions during its peak a few days ago.

So if only severe cases are reaching hospitals, then ICU admissions should have risen as well, but they are not; indicating that disease is also being contained, along with the fact that a lot of people aren’t getting tested and are starting their treatment through (locally available) medical advice and without tests.

With new confirmed cases every day, the rate of recovery has also crossed 2,000 mark per day or more during past seven days. This is evident from the fact that number of active cases is consistent around 107,000 for past 5 days now.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed CasesIn 24 HoursTests in 24 HoursDeathsLast 24 Hours
AJK1,00341 (Record)8812804