Amnesty International Tells the World They Should Learn from Pakistan

Ever since the outbreak late last year, the novel coronavirus has been wreaking havoc across the world. It has literally brought the world to a standstill, closing down businesses, killing hundreds of thousands while leaving millions in limbo.

Pakistan was in an even dire situation facing a war on two fronts: against the virus and poverty. Almost a two-month-long lockdown completely destroyed the economic gains the country had made in the past few months, ate up thousands of jobs, and created economic volatility.

In countries like Pakistan, where a majority of the population earns a daily wage, the 56-day lockdown was akin to financial suicide. For them, hunger was a bigger threat to their lives than a pandemic.

Despite all the evils, the virus brought something good out of Pakistanis – it helped us unite as a nation – again!

During the health emergency, when even leaving the house posed serious life threats, celebrities, influencers, non-profit NGOs and even common people stepped up and collected money to distribute rations, food, and other essentials among the less fortunate faction of the society to help them sustain the tumultuous times.

This was besides the multibillion-dollar stimulus package that the government released for the affectees of the coronavirus restrictions (laborers, daily-wagers, and unemployed).

Our love and compassion for each other as a nation was even recognized at the global level: the Amnesty International sends a message to the world to see how Pakistanis react in times of crisis.

On another day, we might be divided by nationalities, languages, sects, and political affiliations. But, any crisis brings us together like we were never apart. This is why our compassion and generosity is an example for the world.