Coronavirus Cases Surge as 2,076 New Cases, 36 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours

New Coronavirus cases in the country surged with daily new cases reaching 2,076 yesterday. We also recorded 36 new deaths across Pakistan due to COVID-19 related complications.

While the daily surge isn’t highest, but since the number of tests dropped during Eid holidays (as fewer number of patients might have reported during Eid and there were limited shifts/staff available during the holidays), number for daily new cases will definitely surge when testing will get back to usual capacity.

Had we tested same number of people as before Eid, daily surge in new cases yesterday could have touched 3,916 new daily cases.

This shows that the number of new cases will definitely surge in coming days and an average of 3,000 to 4,000 daily cases are expected — up from 2,000 daily cases that we had been seeing before Eid.

This increase is mainly due to SOP violations during last week of Ramzan and Eid holidays.

Are Hospitals Full?

Number of patients are increasing, and there’s real pressure on health care system. However, the news of hospitals being full and over-capacity isn’t entirely true.

Here’s the bed occupancy numbers for various provinces:

Total No. Of Beds Allocated for COVID PatientsPatients Currently AdmittedTotal No. Of Ventilators Available for COVID PatientsPatients on Ventilator

Above numbers clearly show that bed occupancy rate is at 20%, while vents are occupied at around 11%.

However, it could be the case that certain hospitals are full, and patients might have to look for other hospitals in the region for admissions. Health department, in such situations, need to assist and guide patients for maximum facilitation.

More details in below table and graphs:

Confirmed CasesIn 24 HoursTests in 24 HoursDeathsLast 24 Hours

As table shows, tests in Punjab dropped around 25%, while tests in all other provinces dropped by around 50% or more.

Here’s before Eid test per day average for provinces:

  • Punjab: 6,000
  • Sindh: 6,000
  • KP: 1,700
  • Balochistan: 500
  • Islamabad:1,50
  • GB: 200
  • AJK: 200

If and when usual test rate will be achieved (starting today), the number of reported cases would grow significantly.