Coronavirus: Global Deaths Cross 155,000, Infections 2.2 Million

The number of deaths linked to the novel coronavirus has crossed 155,000 worldwide with infections passing 2.2 million.

The US death toll has crossed 37,000 and the number of virus cases there has passed 710,000. Italy’s toll is nearing 23,000 with its virus tally reading over 172,000. Spain has recorded over 20,000 virus deaths so far with infections crossing 190,000.

France, Germany, and UK also continue to report more cases and deaths, as do other countries including Pakistan.

The virus has killed 143 and infected about 7,500 in Pakistan so far. Recoveries here have also reported a steady rise currently standing at 1,832.

I worry more for poor than the virus: Prime Minister of Pakistan – Imran Khan

In his latest national address on pandemic situation in the country, PM Imran Khan congratulated the nation over the fact that the virus numbers in Pakistan were still far behind than those projected earlier thanks to timely measures.He said that the govt moved early when there were only a handful of virus patients in the country. “Our previous projections said that the country’s virus tally would reach 50,000 by April 25,” he said.“Thankfully, those projections have now been pushed to mid-May and our estimate for April 25 is a total of 12,000 to 15,000 virus cases,” he added.