Experts Disagree Over Recent Coronavirus Study

group of scientists is calling for the retraction of a paper recently published by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that found masks are highly effective, and that airborne transmission was the primary way the virus spreads.

The back and forth may be a little confusing, as technically the findings — that masks are effective — are agreed upon. But as reporter Apoorva Mandavilli writes in the New York Times, outside scientists are arguing that the way the study’s analysis is flawed. Also, she writes, “many scientists believe that social distancing is a big factor in reducing transmission of the virus, and that airborne transmission, while it may occur, is not the primary means by which the virus spreads.”

The authors of the study are continuing to defend their findings, acknowledging that some of the language used in the study was “perhaps too strong,” but that the findings themselves are sound. The journal is looking into the critics’ claims.

To follow the back and forth, read Mandavilli’s story below.

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