Oxford Likely to Release the World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine

Illustrative vial of coronavirus vaccine

Scientists all over the world are working to create a vaccine for the coronavirus and according to reports, experts at Oxford University have raced ahead with regards to the expected medical timeline.

They have shown buoyancy in their ability to achieve this quickly and raising hope all over the world that a vaccine won’t have to wait till next year. The Jenner Institute in Britain, last week used the first injections of the vaccine developed by the experts as they look to increase their testing in a month; faster than other vaccine development efforts.

As per reports, they aim to carry out vaccine tests on over 6,000 people by the end of May and if it proves effective, they plan to create a million doses of it by September. This is really fast as compared to the standard timeframe of 12-18 months given by health experts around the globe.

The team leader of the program, Professor Sarah Gilbert said she is “80% confident” that it will work. Due to this confidence, the UK has started to allocate funds for a large-scale development but this could backfire if the vaccine is ineffective.

“We are going to back them to the hilt and give them every resource they need to give them the best chance of success,” Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock said last week.