Pakistan’s Coronavirus Tally Passes 5,300, Deaths Reach 93

As new infections came in, Pakistan’s Covid-19 tally has crossed 5,000 while deaths because of the virus have reached 86. Punjab remains the worst-hit with its number of confirmed cases nearing 2,500. Sindh follows with over 1,300 cases, KP with about 700, AJK/GB with 250, Balochistan 230, and Islamabad with nearly 120 cases. Over 1,000 people have recovered from the disease in the country so far.

On a global scale, the US now tops both in terms of infections and deaths. The country surpassed Italy on Saturday as the country with the highest reported coronavirus death toll, recording more than 20,000 deaths since the outbreak began. Infections in the United States also surged past half a million on Saturday, currently standing at over 533,000.

In Asia, some of the countries that beat Covid-19 are having to do it again as pandemic sees resurgence. After Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan flattened the curve, travelers from the US and Europe began reimporting the virus. China is also reporting a rise in new coronavirus infections, mostly in travelers arriving from abroad, as doctors warn its behavior is still not well-understood.