Ray of Hope!

While the numbers/data is looking increasingly depressing, we wake up every morning to see the numbers only getting worse, there is always hope.

Scientists and doctors, all over the world, are going into overdrive to come up with a treatment or vaccine for the Corona Virus and I am confident things are not going to be as bad as some of the media is reporting.

“Hope is what keeps us alive” – Shawshank Redemption

There is a claim from British scientist that they are 80% sure to have a vaccine against Corona by September and it will be available for public! Lets see, fingers crossed!

In the US, human trial of a vaccine has started, and first dose has been injected.

Remdesivir is being used from last couple of months in critical patients which are 5%of the total and it has encouraging results but yet it has not emerged as a definite treatment!

Japan is trying Avigan, a known flu drug, the Russians are using antimalarials and anti-HiV drugs. Ivermectin, a drug used for skin infection, is under trial in Australia. The Chinese have used different medicines, plasma treatments and even TCM, an ancient Chinese medicine. They are also working on a vaccine.