‘Smart’ Lockdowns as Restrictions Near Second Month

The federal govt has suggested that provinces opt for ‘smart’ lockdowns, closing only the areas that are virus hotspots while freeing movement and activity in others.

The suggestion comes as the country began gradual resumption of select industries and businesses last week despite the virus numbers swelling continually with the country set to see its outbreak peak mid-May.

“We need to go for smart lockdown and let the other areas of the country remain open. Only those areas should be sealed from where cases are reported and other areas should remain open,” said Dr Moeed Yusuf, PM’s aide on National Security and Strategic Policy Planning.

But, for such target lockdowns to happen, the country’s testing capacity would need to be drastically improved, which, he said, the govt was tirelessly working on.

So far, over 8,300 people have tested positive for the virus in Pakistan while deaths linked to Covid-19 have crossed 170. About 65% of the new cases are now of local transmission. Punjab has reported most cases with its tally nearing 4,000, followed by Sindh, KP, Balochistan, GB, Islamabad, and AJK.